New haul.

So,recently,I bought those stuffs for me:

A new face mask with snail extract from Purederm;

A new set of eye zone masks from Purederm.Those are so good.

A cleansing milk with orchid extract because I really need that.And also it’s paraben free.

Eyelash curler.Easy and efficient.

Nail art brush.

One liquid eyeliner pen.

A new BB cream to try this out.It’s so red and girly.

Also a new eyeliner.This is so sparkle.I don’t know if I really use this out but sometimes I have to wear this king of make up so let’s hope that this gonna look ok on me.

My first angle brush.That’s work really good.

So,finally,I’ve got this pretty box were I keep some of my make up products.I love this box.It’s lovely to g\have this on my house.

That’s what I’ve got recently:2 or 3 days ago but I was so lazy to write a new post.

And yes:the red with polka dots make up bag it’s made by me.I love it so much.Colorful and easy to do.

Hm,that’s all for the moment.I’m leaving right now.I’m sleepy and tired.


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